Holidays and days off in Spain

Public holiday in Spain, Company and work 2012

Spain: Business and Holidays

Here is an important topic for all companies based in Spain: public holidays and days off. They should be considered when establishing your annual plan and could help you finding trends that could benefit your business. Continue reading


Self-employed Entrepreneur in Spain

New company in Spain, your businessNew Company Opportunities in Spain

When starting your own company in Spain, you have several choices available. One of them is to become self-employed entrepreneur.

You should know that in Spain the self-employed entrepreneur is a natural person who is able to excecute their business and economic activity with a contract, billing services offered.

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Crisis in Spain : good time to start a business !

Crisis 2012, Spain how to have  a company with a incredible successStarting Business in Spain

Europe is in crisis, no one can deny it. Spain, in this delicate situation, does not serve as an example.

You should know that a period of economic crisis has two main drawbacks :

  • the purchasing power of consumers is quite low and funding frozen,
  • but many economists justify these times of crisis like the best times to take and create businesses.

The same is true concerning the crisis in Spain.

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Is it time to invest in Spanish Real Estate?

Spain, time to invest in a companyNEW REAL ESTATE IN SPAIN

In Spain the Real Estate have been crush by the crisis, but apart from being a big problem for many investors it´s an open door for new opportunities. The  property prices have gone down significantly, and for those with credit or money in the pockets its time to make a move.

In the overall Real Estate Market, the decline have reach an average of 20% in real terms, and even more in the case of Properties in the side coast were values have downgraded around 40%.

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How to create an invoice in Spain ?

After creating your business in Spain, the first thing to know is how to write a bill in Spain. While it is not very different from other countries, it is interesting to know what to insert in the bill, and do not forget to mention the CIF of the two companies.

A bill in Spain is as follows :

  • the name of your company, its registered office and CIF,
  • the name of the client company, its registered office and CIF,
  • a unique invoice number,
  • the name of the product or service and the unit price,
  • the amount of the bill in three stages: the amount excluding VAT, the amount of VAT, and the total amount.

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Start a business in Spain : understanding Spanish terms

creer-societe-espagneWhen starting a business in Spain,  you will face many Spanish words at first difficult to understand. 

This article will enlighten you on these terms, explaining, for each of them, the Englishequivalent.

NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) : The NIE is the identification number of a foreigner in Spain. It is essential to Spain in order to create your company, open a bank account and almost all the paperwork. You can get this NIE, whether European or not. This edition includes 8 or 9 characters and starts with an “X” or a “Y”.

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My Spanish company requires an address in Spain?

business-address-spainYES! To start a business in Spain, you must have an address.

Indeed Spanish companies involved in economical activities in Spain or not, their must be domiciled.

When registering the company and signing the acts at the Notary, you will be asked a business address in Spain. Continue reading