How to create an invoice in Spain ?

After creating your business in Spain, the first thing to know is how to write a bill in Spain. While it is not very different from other countries, it is interesting to know what to insert in the bill, and do not forget to mention the CIF of the two companies.

A bill in Spain is as follows :

  • the name of your company, its registered office and CIF,
  • the name of the client company, its registered office and CIF,
  • a unique invoice number,
  • the name of the product or service and the unit price,
  • the amount of the bill in three stages: the amount excluding VAT, the amount of VAT, and the total amount.

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Taxation system : Spanish VAT

VAT-rates-españaFirst, to start a business in Spain, is assigned a CIF (Código de Identificación Fiscal). This number is the tax identification number of his company.

With this number you can carry out activities in Spain, but also throughout Europe.

It is not require to include VAT on customer bills by members of the European Union, and conversely, they do not charge if you are registered in the VAT register.

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