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TAS Consultoria

C/ Floridablanca, 98, Ent 1º
08015 Barcelona

Tel: +34 93 424 83 11

Fax: +34 93 550 42 05



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One thought on “Contact us

  1. Good morning,
    I have been living. in Spain for quite some time. I am actually a renowned Classical dressage rider and teach all over the World. Up until a year ago I spent the last eleven years working for a company in Sevilla. It ended very badly and last year I won two court cases against the company. I am now waiting on a large sum of money. The problem is my lawyer cannot tell me exactly when I will receive this. Last November I moved to Chipiona where I rent a yard and three months ago I started the business. I was promised a business loan from the bank who then refused with the change of government even though I have proof that I will eventually receive the money from the courts. Winter is always very quiet in the horse world and right now I am looking for financial help to promote my business and get moving in preparation for the Summer. I offer courses of dressage and people from all over the World come to Andalusia to study with me and stay in local hotels and apartments. So, I am bringing people here also helping the economy. Can you advise me if there is any way I can get financial help.

    I would be very grateful.
    Kindest regards,


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