VAT : distance sales in Spain

Distance sales Spain 2012 iva

What is distance selling?

Distance sales are those sales that occur without the simultaneous physical presence of the buyer and seller.  When trading between the two parties, the proposed contract is transmitted from the seller to the buyer, who accepts by any means of distance communication. In the case of Europe, distance sales occur when a member of the EU, with a VAT number, trades with another member with out a VAT registered number.

Examples of distance sales :

  • Contract made by mail
  • Contract made by phone
  • Contract made by Television
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Taxation system : Spanish VAT

VAT-rates-españaFirst, to start a business in Spain, is assigned a CIF (Código de Identificación Fiscal). This number is the tax identification number of his company.

With this number you can carry out activities in Spain, but also throughout Europe.

It is not require to include VAT on customer bills by members of the European Union, and conversely, they do not charge if you are registered in the VAT register.

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