Holidays and days off in Spain

Public holiday in Spain, Company and work 2012

Spain: Business and Holidays

Here is an important topic for all companies based in Spain: public holidays and days off. They should be considered when establishing your annual plan and could help you finding trends that could benefit your business.

The Enterprise and Employment Department just published the official holidays in Spain:

  • Friday 6 of January, Kings (Reyes)
  • Friday 6 of April, Good Friday (Viernes Santo)
  • Monday 9 of April, Pascua (Pascua Florida)
  • Tuesday 1 of May, Labor Day (Fiesta del Trabajo)
  • Wednesday 15 of Agoust, (la Asunción)
  • Tuesday 11 of September, Catalonya National Holiday (Fiesta Nacional de Cataluña)
  • Friday 12 of October, Spain National Holiday (Fiesta Nacional de España)
  • Thursday 1 of November, All Saints (Todos los Santos)
  • Thursday 6 of December, Constitution Day (Día de la Constitución)
  • Saturday 8 of December, The Inmaculate (La Inmaculada)
  • Tuesday 25 of December, Christmas (Navidad)
  • Wednesday 26 of December, Sant Esteban (San Esteban)

Besides those national holidays, there are additional local days off, that could be paid or unpaid according to each town council.

Hope this will help you when planning your business strategy !


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