Self-employed Entrepreneur in Spain

New company in Spain, your businessNew Company Opportunities in Spain

When starting your own company in Spain, you have several choices available. One of them is to become self-employed entrepreneur.

You should know that in Spain the self-employed entrepreneur is a natural person who is able to excecute their business and economic activity with a contract, billing services offered.

The following could be self-employed entrepreneur:

  • adults who can freely disposal of their property,
  • emancipated minors, with the limitations set out in section 323 of the Civil Code,
  • minors and disabled people, through their legal representatives.
You should know that to be autónomo in Spain, you must reside in the country !

Features of a self-employed in Spain:

  • Regardless of whether the worker is enrolled in the Special Regime for Autonomous Workers (Régimen Especial de Trabajadores autónomos) or for its own account, it is presumed, until proven otherwise, that are independent licensees of an establishment open to the public as the owner, tenant or other similar concept.
  • The self-employed is responsible for membership, unsubscribe or change to social security, and liability is unlimited on all its present and future assets, unlike companies which are generally limited.

Formalities to become Self-Employed in Spain:


  • Census Statement, which includes a request for a tax identification number NIF or NIE for foreigners and the declaration of the activity executed in the country.
  • Tax Statement on the Economic Activity (IAE Impuesto sobre Actividades Económicas).

Social Security:

  • Join the special regime of self-employed social security


  • The self-employed status is advantageous because it does not pay the corporate tax. However, this status does not correspond to all activities, and also depends on the volume of activity. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Monthly payroll taxes for a worker autónomo are € 254.21. If he is 30 years old, he will pay only 70% of this amount. Of course, the entrepreneur also must also pay tax on income (declaration of profitability).

You should know that in Spain the number of foreigners becoming entrepreneur is increasing. Indeed, it is a quick and easy access to the Spanish market, and less restrictive than the creation of a business in other countries.


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