How to create an invoice in Spain ?

After creating your business in Spain, the first thing to know is how to write a bill in Spain. While it is not very different from other countries, it is interesting to know what to insert in the bill, and do not forget to mention the CIF of the two companies.

A bill in Spain is as follows :

  • the name of your company, its registered office and CIF,
  • the name of the client company, its registered office and CIF,
  • a unique invoice number,
  • the name of the product or service and the unit price,
  • the amount of the bill in three stages: the amount excluding VAT, the amount of VAT, and the total amount.

You can also add some elements, such as phone numbers, email addresses or other information. As a precaution, you should also include the following “condiciones de pago : a recepción de la factura”. This statement specifies that the payment of the invoice must be made upon receipt by the customer.

At the bottom of the invoice, you can specify a special mention to a law to protect individual information. This is particularly useful when the client is an individual and not a business.

Then you need to send the invoice to the customer by mail or personally. It is not advisable to do so by mail. In VAT invoicing, there are some cases where you do not need the bill, not to mention the rate and amount of VAT.

You can see below a sample bill showing all the above elements. It is also important to mention the CIF of both companies. If your customer is a person, not a business, simply mention the NIF, which is equivalent to the CIF for an individual. If he is a stranger, you mention only his NIE.



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